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2016-11-16 · IGT PE+ upright Poker - How to make completly FREE Play? « on: November 14, 2016, 01:43:37 PM » After living here in Las Vegas for so long and seeing all of the gaming machines go coinless my wife and I really do not want to play with coins or tokens.

This thread contains known information about available IGT S+ slot machine "SP" (GAME) chips. We are aware of some SP chips out there that are not listed, but do not have information about them. If you have information about a SP chip not... Reel Slots** Gaming Machines > SIGMA Reel Games A lot of slot machines like this are decades old. The number of people available that knows aboutThat is true for all older models of slot machines. And there are not any new people learningThere is probably a diagnostic that can help check button operation but I know nothing about Sigmas Rich. Trip Diamond flashing 52 & 10 in winner paid **Reel Slots** Gaming Machines > IGT S and S-plus Reel Games.I have a triple diamond s+ slant top and in the winner paid display it is alternating 52 and 10.I have a manual but can't find what the 52 and 10 mean. (Game chip ?) If I push the button on the coin optics board I get dings and can spin... IGT S and S-plus Reel Games Discussion of IGT S and S+ spinning reel games.Bassman2277 and 2 Guests are viewing this board. Button questions on S+ project. Started by Talarspeed. 5 Replies 155 Views.

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IGT 4th of July upright slot machine - News: 2016-7-15 · on an S+ you cannot disable the hopper as it is the only means of cashing out. If you don't want the machine to spit coins out every time you win something, you can press the cash/credit button so that it is lit, that way your wins will go to credit. IGT S+ Error 3100 - New Life Games 2014-12-12 · I sold an IGT S+ on craigslist the other day. The buyer emails me today to tell me that it doesn't work. This machine has been in my basement for 9 years and it has never had a problem. This is the email I received from the person (by power supply board I am guessing that he means the MPU): " Plugged it in today to try it. It would not work.

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The meter disconnect should be easy enough, as I know we've seen that before, but the Bonus Device errors are strictly related to games made by AC Coin (it is an IGT machine, with AC Coin game and bonus devices installed). I can't help you there at all, but I know a few of our members have or have had AC Coin games. New Problem for Players Edge Poker - newlifegames.com After replacing the battery you try pressing AND HOLDING DOWN the white test button continuously for 10 seconds. That will clear & reset the CMOS ram data and should restore operation of the machine. On some PE machines it will ding when this process is done, but since your sound isn't working just hold the button down for 10 seconds. Help needed for a 3 coin S+ Haywire Deluxe **Reel Slots** Gaming Machines » IGT S and S-plus Reel Games (Moderators: slots4home, Shaggy) » Help needed for a 3 coin S+ Haywire Deluxe; Bill Validator Stacker Error - News:

What settings (Dip or Program) for pay to credits only?

IGT S+ Slot - News: 2019-5-6 · 3100 Coin Out Tilt (Hopper) Check for and clear any jammed coins in the coin out channel Check the coin out optic sensor for blockage or dirty surface 3200 Extra Coin Out (Hopper) Verify that the hopper motor brake functions Check the coin wiper/knife for jams 3300 Hopper Empty Check hopper for coin level and refill IGT S+ Error 20-50? - newlifegames.com 2018-4-18 · The Winner Paid window is indicating that the last win (whatever is showing on the reels) paid 20 coins, and then someone hit the "Cash Out" button and it paid out 50 coins (the win of 20 plus 30 credits that were already on the machine). The flashing number in the coins in is indicating that the machine had been powered off and is now back on. IGT P E Plus questions - News:

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Read the section about button wiring. You will see that most buttons are wired in series. If the first one in the string is bad the rest won't work. Also note if the white test button is open a lot of buttons won't work. You can go to the input test page with the white test button and see which buttons work. CDS Video Poker model UV-1510, won't coin up, looking ... - News: I don't know anything about the DBV acceptors.. I'm in process of putting a lock on the side to release the whole bill acceptor and cash box. My last fix is to see if I can get a key made for the resets and menu keys. It too bad it doesn't use the standard IGT, Bally, and many other machines reset key!! Hey Shortrackskater... PE+ beginner questions (pictures inside) - News: Lastly, the key slot on the right hand side of the machine near the top is for the JACKPOT RESET key. If you don't have one I'd suggest you get one off of eBay they are cheap. Search eBay for "jackpot reset key" or "2341 IGT" The key is needed to change any of the settings you flip through by pushing the service button. WMS Big Bang Piggy Banking - newlifegames.com A lot of people leave the cash box out of the machine. The bills will simply drop in to the cash compartment. There is a security switch on the bottom surface of the cash compartment, just put some shipping tape or duct tape across the security switch so it doesn't pop up thru the slot and cause a fault. Or you can disconnect the wires going to ...